Chai is a lot more than just a beverage. It is so deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of India that it finds a rightful position in every aspect of life. Chai is found everywhere in India, served on every street corner - all day and night. One can’t completely experience India without witnessing its chai culture. Chai is more than just a trend. It’s the amalgamation of culture, kindness, tradition, and is the integral part of the rhythm of life, from the mountains of Kashmir to the seaside of Kanyakumari.

So, where did this chai come from and when? Like the history of many famous food items, the origins of chai are steeped in legend and contradictory accounts. Believe it or not, in ancient India, chai was not the chai we know today. It was known as a healing concoction made by brewing herbs and spices. Over the centuries, this drink has evolved and today there are numerous variants of chai, each with its own distinct flavor which is subtly different from every other. It takes practice and patience to brew chai. For those who get it right, there is nothing quite like it. A fresh and delicious cup of chai is a work of alchemy.

At The Chai Bar we endeavor to bring to the American lifestyle this wonderful experience called chai in its most authentic form. We understand that a truly satisfying drink of chai stems from a labor of love, which is why our drinks are handcrafted in small batches and locally made in Philadelphia, similar to the famed ‘chai wallahs,’ or chai makers, in India. Our founder, Madura, has welcomed inspiration from every corner of India to create an ensemble of distinct drinks, making the traditional innovative. We’re the chai you never had!